Student Presentation Day: SHINE

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

What is Student Presentation Day?

  • A celebration of student achievement
  • An opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills learned in their programs
  • An occasion to share the variety of programs at GTCC

What is the purpose of SHINE

To provide an opportunity to showcase excellence in academic, technical, and/or professional projects and contributions created by students, usually within their courses, with a focus on the involvement and support of faculty sponsors.


  • Tuesday, March 21Applications due Click here for the application (You need to login with your Titan ID)
  • Wednesday-Thursday, March 22 & 23Committee review of applications
  • Friday, March 24Students notified of acceptance
  • Tuesday, April 4: Students confirm their participation
  • Wednesday, April 19Student Presentation Day–SHINE!!!!!

Types of Participation:

  • Presentation: oral delivery of materials related to the project that could include visual aids/multimedia.
  • Exhibit: display project and be prepared to explain the content and answer audience questions.
  • Demonstration: show the process required to create the project.

Why Should Students Participate?

  • To gain recognition for quality work
  • To gain professional presentation skills
  • To demonstrate their mastery of a course or program competency
  • To document their proficiencies for their resumes or portfolios
  • To showcase their talents as members of the GTCC community

What Kinds of Projects Have Been Presented?


  • Architectural plans to meet customer needs
  • Culinary sculptures
  • Science exhibits
  • Graphic design exhibits
  • Computer networking designs


  • Illustrating wing constructions
  • Creating video games
  • Making garnishes
  • Demonstrating machining skills
  • Demonstrating Aviation related concepts


  • Cultural videos
  • Interpretations and responses to readings and class concepts
  • Research findings
  • Musical and theatrical performances
  • Nursing presentations

What Part Does Faculty Play?

  • Identify projects or assignments in their courses that would lend themselves to becoming presentations
  • Encourage students who created quality assignments to apply and participate
  • Sponsor and nurture students as they prepare their projects

    Become aware of this all year long!!!!!

Why Should Faculty Participate?

  • To provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate excellent work
  • To interact with students beyond the classroom experience
  • To highlight an assignment or a program
  • To feel pride in student success
  • To support the Learning College initiative
  • To get professional development credit

What Should Interested Students Do?

  • Decide to participate by discussing the project with faculty member(s)
  • Identify a faculty sponsor
  • Fill out the online application form
  • Submit the application by Tuesday, March 21, 2017
  • Prepare a project to present April 19, 2017

Who Should Students and Faculty Contact for More Information?

Committee Members:

Phone: 336-334-4822

Aloysius Jones: Ext50350

Amy Huffman: Ext50267

Berri Cross: Ext50124

Hattie Presnell

Megan Simpson: Ext50492

Shelly Lutzweiler: Ext50332

Tom English: Ext50023

Zachary Jackson: Ext53083

Get involved in student success!